ENERpower Falcon

The All-Rounder

The ENERpower Falcon is a small universal torchlight, which can be used as a head-light (helmet-light). The light can be easily fixed on to the helmet using a rubber ring. With a thrifty CREE XPG2 R5, this torchlight is powered by a 3.6V Li-ion rechargeable battery. With a maximal consumption of 2A (approx. 6W) this torchlight can produce up to 800 lumen.

The canopied electronics of the ENERpower Falcon regulates the light strength according to the temperature in 4 operation modes: Turbo (100%); High (70%); Medium (40%); Low (10%).

A special feature of the ENERpower Falcon is the IP65-Certificate (dust and sprayed water resistance). The ENERpower Falcon can practically be used anywhere outdoor.

Technical Specifications

Cree XPG2 R5
LumensUp to 800
Aluminium alloy
Dimensions34 x 35 x 34 mm
WeightApprox. 62 g.
4: 100% / 70% / 40% / 10%